The voice of Gandharva

GANDHARVA is a blend of archaic sounds, classical harmonies and relaxed improvisations.
GANDHARVA's soulful music embodies pure emotion and light, it uplifts the harmony longing hearts of this world.
Some are saying, this is best ZEN music. It is a fact, that listening to GANDHARVA creates an atmosphere of love, hamony and creativity.
If you want to go deep within and explore the inner potential of your soul and existence her on this planet, this music can definitely help you getting in touch with your inner realities.

GANDHARVA music can also used for Yoga classes, Tai Chi exercises, Reiki and if just used for relaxation, this is still fine.

GANDHARVA gives concerts in whole Europe.
If you are planning to organize a concert (small concerts: 40 people, big concerts: 300 visitors and more) please feel free to contact us by phone or mail.

Order Information:
per e-mail: trummer@liwest.at
per phone: 0043(Austria)/664/4024562
Sangkeertans Cello

Sangkeertan (cello, piano) studied piano and cello at the Anton Bruckner, Private University of Music and plays the cello since he was a child.
His very strong feeling for the inner qualities of the music is found in the beautiful arrangement of this CD.
On the one hand powerful orchestral parts, on the other soulful relaxed and haunting solos shows all the variations of the beautiful cello.
The spirit of Mandus Erhu

Mandu (chinese erhu, concert harp)

Mandu first heard the chinese Er-Hu on a recording of KITARO and he was overwhelmed by the beautiful sound of this instrument. It was like a crying child, expressing all variations of emotions. Mandu realised the psychic power of this instrument. It is an instrument of the soul, expressing  inner realities and manifesting a new quality in modern spiritual music.

2 years later - after practising day and night, he performed the Er-Hu on the "Classical Concert" in New York City and since then he performed on many other occasions. The response of the people encouraged him to go for a recording and 2 years later - the CD "Heaven & Earth" was born. He played on many public concerts and today he is invited by artists, painters and creative people to play music during seminars, open ceremonies at galleries and many more. 
The harp consciousness - beauty and water

In the meantime, Mandu continued to study the classical concert harp (studing with Prof. Birgit Trawöger).
He played at the Impossibility Challenger World Record Events a new Worldrecord: 12 hours of public harp concert.
In 2008 he is returning to the stage and transcended his own worldrecord by playing a 24hour public harp concert.

Mandu developped an own style of using the Er-Hu together with the harp. The harp stands for the beauty and as an instrument it brings vastness, harmony and sweetness. Fast arpeggios, cascades of high notes and relaxed soulful parts gives this combination of two breathtaking instruments a new dimension.